C for COLORS! 

Add some colors to your party!

Fact #852: 
Everybody loves balloons!  

Tired of that simple poodle you always see?  
C for Colors doesn't believe in simplicity.  
We like fancy.  
All our balloons are multi-color and fun designs that don't require too much imagination to figure out what they are!

Mermaid? Spiderman? Penguin?
Just name it!

Tell us the theme of your party in advance and we will prepare the appropriate balloon menu for your party!

**New Party Idea!**
Host a balloon making party, and learn to make a couple balloon animals OR see which party guest can make the craziest balloon hat you've ever seen! 
Contact us for more info/ideas!

It takes ~3-5 minutes to make each balloon.  
If you have more than 12 guests, please book 2+ hours to avoid disappointment!

For info on pricing, see the FAQs